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How to use our prop kit

Just a couple of minutes each day

Pick a prop

We have specific props for the first 2 days and the last day. Otherwise pick any individually packaged prop
Set it up
Each prop is individually packaged and contains everything you need
Enjoy the fun and magic of christmas elves with your children without the hassle

Getting Started

Luxury Elf Prop kit overview

Thank you for purchasing a luxury elf prop kit from the World Elf Organization.
Your prop kit includes
- 24 days of props (see the list below)
- Wooden easel
- Doll stand 
- Velcro dots
- Reusable sticky putty
Important: We have tried the putty on the elf dolls we have access to and not had a problem, however cannot take responsibility if it damages your elf. Please only use the putty if you are confident and do so at your own risk.
*Due to COVID, we decided to not provide any edible items in our props for both your and our peace of mind

You will need
- An elf
- Sticky tape
- Scissors
- Mini marshmallows for Day Off prop
- Candy for Pirate Treasure Hunt prop

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